Over the next few blog posts we will be featuring the enrichment programs that we provide in our center! Our first focus is on our Art Program which is led by our resident artist, Victoria Courtney.

What is an Atelier and What is it For?

An atelier is the Reggio Emilia term for art studio. This space provides an opportunity for children to explore and experiment with art practices and materials in child-driven activities. Art in the atelier is not about focusing on an end physical product; instead it works towards understanding the importance of the process as a basis of learning. Creativity and communication are fundamental elements to the atelier concept; these ideals celebrate and foster healthy, inquisitive interactions towards the community and world around us.

Which classrooms will be part of the program?

Victoria works with all of the classrooms in helping to develop art projects that integrate with the lessons. She spends time each week in the Wahoos, Coolihoos, Kingfishers, Caracaras, and K/1 classrooms providing deeper exploration into art.

What does this mean for you?

Your children may not bring home works of art that you can easily hang up and they may get messy. The goal is to allow children to view art as a form of communication and expression, a way to strengthen relationships, rather than as a subject taught to them. Art is a form of experimental science- allowing your children to manipulate materials and test out exactly what they can do. A child who begins with understanding and confidence with the physical and emotional realms of art will be successful later on when incorporating form, design and style into their art pieces. The atelier program provides your child with sensory and communication development, a safe and inviting environment, and a resource for you for any questions you may have in regards to learning through process and natural elements. This program is only strengthened through active dialogue and involvement on all parts; please feel free to contact us regarding any suggestions, comments or concerns. I look forward to beginning this new chapter in our preschool community with you and your child!