Our Kindergartners presented a graduation program which celebrated their growth in mind, body, and spirit! Their graduation featured a performance from some of their daily enrichments including Music and Movement, Hand bells, Born to Move, Spanish, as well as from their Kindergarten class.


For their backdrop, the Kindergartners created a floral hoop wreath using the greenery found in our very own Parker’s Garden. Parker’s Garden is the garden the students care for during life-lab. Jasmine, Rosemary, Fire Bush, Viburnum, and Bottle Brush are some of the live plants the Kindergartners picked and added to their wreath.

Lined along the walls was their foiled stained glass artwork, a before and after self portrait, a silhouette of each child, along with photos, haiku poems they wrote, and what they wanted to be when they grow up!


Watch our celebration below!


Congratulations, Kindergartners of 2017!