Fundraising is now open for the 2nd Annual Fun Run! To start getting sponsors and pledges sign-up at and follow the directions below!


As a parent, you can go to and click the green “SIGN UP” button.

1. Enter in your name, e-mail address, and create a password for your login and click “save and continue”.


1. Select the blue “Register A Student” button to register your student.

2. Search for our school by entering Creation Kids Village in the search bar

3. Enter the student’s name and select which classroom he or she is a part of and read through the online waiver.

4. You have the option to enable Family Pledging (see more below)

5. Check the box next to “I Agree” when you are done reading and select “Save and Continue.”

6. Register any additional students (if applicable) by repeating steps 1 through 5.


Family Pledging makes it easy for sponsors to pledge each student in your family together, instead of separately. Family Pledging links all the pledge accounts of your students so that sponsors pledge everyone at once. If you register multiple students, and select family pledging for any student, they will all be linked. As a parent though, you will still be able to enter individual pledges for each student if you wish. You can turn pledging on or off during registration or from any participant’s dashboard.


1. On the dashboard, you can personalize your student’s page! Select “Edit My Page.”

2. Create an individual pledge goal. Remember, all per lap amounts are based on a 30-35 lap average because all students will run between 30-35 laps at the event.

3. PERSONALIZE the page by adding a fun message and a photo!

4. When you upload a photo, you can wow your friends and family members with a custom video starring your child! Sharing it over e-mail and social media is an easy way to ask for a pledge as well!


1. Select the blue “View Participant’s Dashboard” button.

2. From the dashboard, select the green “ENTER PLEDGE” button on the left.

3. Enter the Sponsor information (that could mean you) and how much the sponsor plans to give, then click “Submit”


1. From the dashboard, select THE “Get Pledges” icon above the video screen to learn more about how you can use’s sharing tools to ask family and friends you know for pledges!

2. You can view a phone script, create and share the “Student Star” video, use the Easy-Emailer, or share your Pledge Page via email or social media.

Thank you for supporting CKV and we look forward to the Fun Run on March 16!