Parents and caregivers,

Our goal at Creation Kids Village is to continually develop and grow with your family! We have a few improvements taking place beginning in February on which we want to update you.

Along with our philosophies of Reggio Emilia and CREATION Health, we utilize the Creative Curriculum. In the past weeks we have brought specialty Creative Curriculum trainers to provide all-day sessions with our entire staff to help us go even deeper into this research-based, research-proven curriculum. Beginning February 1st, 2016, we will incorporate even more of the curriculum materials in with our current family updating platform, Tadpoles. All lesson plans will be planned directly in Tadpoles where they will appear on a daily basis for you to see in real-time what your child is learning, exploring, and accomplishing. If you are interested in learning more about the Creative Curriculum and how we utilize it at Creation Kids Village, please see Mollye Harrom, our Dean of Early Education, or visit for more information.

In addition to deepening our curriculum, we are implementing new routines from our behavior management program, Conscious Discipline. Conscious Discipline is an evidence-based program that focuses on the relationship between the adult and child and uses real-life situations to teach children behavioral and emotional skills. Our next step in furthering our use of Conscious Discipline is implementing a fun strategy called “Greeting Aprons.” These are little aprons you will notice the morning staff wearing that have three pictures on them – each one representing a type of greeting the child can choose. The teacher will greet each child at the door using humor, physical touch, and eye contact to help welcome the child into the room on a positive note. Starting the day with a warm, personal connection with the teacher has been shown to change the course of the entire day! In the younger classrooms the teachers will ask you, the parent, which greeting you would like to do with them. This shows your child that you are happy and comfortable with the teacher and reassures even non-verbal children that the classroom is a safe and happy environment. Once the greeting has occurred, please use this time to give your child a hug and kiss goodbye. Staying additionally beyond the personal greeting with the teacher can make it more difficult for children to separate from their parents when the time comes, and can be hard for children whose parents are not at liberty to stay. If you need a longer goodbye with your child, please feel free to do this in the hallway before you enter the classroom, or grab a book and spend some time in Harrison Hideaway together! We hope Greeting Aprons will be a fun and bonding moment for teacher and student each morning as well as an easy transition from home to school. For more information on Conscious Discipline and how it is utilized at Creation Kids Village, please speak with Mollye and visit for more details.

We are very excited to move deeper into the school year with these strategies to make learning even more fun and effective. Please feel free to provide your feedback as we move forward! All of us at Creation Kids Village are happy to be partnered with you in your child’s education and development.

Thank you,

Mollye Harrom
Dean of Early Education