Creating Good People

Creation Village World School focuses student learning on service to create good people who do good in this world. Through collaborations with top institutions of health, science, and social impact, your child has unparalleled opportunities to grow their skills and knowledge with the best.

Teaching Students How to Serve Service in Action

Service learning in the International Baccalaureate (IB) is a dynamic and integral component that goes beyond traditional classroom education. At Creation Village we combine God's calling to love others with IB's experiential learning approach to encourage our students to apply their academic knowledge and skills to real-world issues, fostering a sense of responsibility, global citizenship, and unity in Christ. Through service learning, students actively engage with local and global communities, addressing authentic needs and contributing to positive social change. Creation Village emphasizes the importance of reflection, encouraging students to critically assess their experiences and the impact of their actions on both themselves and the communities they serve. This reflective process not only enhances our students' understanding of social issues but also promotes personal growth, empathy, and a lifelong commitment to making a difference in the world. Service learning our program's holistic philosophy, promoting academic excellence while nurturing the development of well-rounded, socially conscious individuals.



CREATION Life is our philosphy to develop student's in a God-led life focusing on holistic development, integrating wellness, mindfulness, spritual formation, and community service into each learners educational journey. The CREATION acryonym is based on biblical principles which allow a longer healthier life as described by the National Geographic and the Nextflix documentary Live to 100: Secrest of the Blue Zones

Our Partnerships in Learning

Through partnerships with local and international leaders in Health and Service our students learn and develop as part of global network for good. 


Teaching Students to Do Good The IB Learner Profile

The IB Framework for developing Internationally-minded students

The IB Learner Profile is a set of ten attributes that the International Baccalaureate aims to develop at every stage of their learning journey. The Learner Profile is intended to develop students who are not only academically prepared but also socially responsible, open-minded, and reflective individuals. By educating students we can create a better world, the learner
profile expresses our mission statement in action.

Learning that Transforms 

At Creation Village World School, learning extends far beyond the classroom. We offer a wide range of extracurricular activities to enrich the educational experience while our teachers and staff nourish their curiosity through stimulating activities and inspiring adventures.

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Ensuring High Quality International Education