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Creation Village World School offers an exhilarating summer adventure camp that promises an unforgettable experience for young minds seeking excitement and personal growth. Nestled in the heart of Celebration, FL, the camp provides a unique blend of outdoor activities, skill-building exercises, and educational adventures. Students engage in thrilling activities fostering not only physical strength but also teamwork and leadership skills. 


Our camp's expert instructors combine fun and learning, creating an environment where campers can discover their potential while building lasting friendships. With a commitment to holistic development, Creation Village World School's summer adventure camps provide a perfect balance of excitement, education, and personal discovery, making it a summer destination like no other.

Camp Overview


Daily our campers worship and learn about God through the 8 principles of the CREATION Life acronym.


Our weekly themes provide guidance for our studies, explorations, and discoveries, framing our campers fun and learning.  


We develop approaches to learning skills with our campers to help them become lifelong learners and effective, responsible members of the community.

Spiritual Focus CREATION Life Our Activity Focus Weekly Theme Our Development Focus Weekly Skills
June 3rd to 7th CREATION Water Sports Collaboration
June 10th to 14th C - Choice Art Exploration


June 17th to 21st* R - Rest Camping & Yoga Organization
June 24th to 28th E - Environment Nature Exploration  Research
July 1st to 5th* A - Activity Summer Sports Social
July 8th to 12th T - Trust

A Trip to South America

July 15th to 19th I - Interpersonal Relationships

Our Global Friends

July 22nd to 26th O - Outlook

Scientific Discovery

July 29th to August 2nd N - Nutrition

Cooking Around the World

Critical Thinking
*Camp closed on June 19th and July 4th





Join Our Village Community

At Creation Village World School, we invite you to join our vibrant and diverse community. We are dedicated to providing a holistic education that fosters a lifelong love for learning, instills global awareness, and develops well-rounded individuals who are ready to take on the challenges of an ever-changing world.

Our Global Network

Learning that Transforms 

At Creation Village World School, learning extends far beyond the classroom. We offer a wide range of extracurricular activities to enrich the educational experience while our teachers and staff nourish their curiosity through stimulating activities and inspiring adventures.

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