Fuel for Your Week

Nov 14, 2022 1:45:00 PM | Fuel for Your Week

As we enter the last week before Thanksgiving Break, the last of the eight principles found in CREATION Health, Nutrition, is as timely as ever.

Dear Village Family,

As we enter the last week before Thanksgiving Break, the last of the eight principles found in CREATION Health, Nutrition, is as timely as ever.

Nutrition is nourishment for the body and energy for the mind. Food provides not only our energy for today; it drives our long-term health.

Dan Buettner, in his book “Blue Zones Diet: Food Secrets of the World’s Longest-Lived People” provides some guidelines you can follow to eat a Blue Zones Diet and live to 100. Top of the list is to see that 95% of your food comes from a plant or a plant product. (click here to see the rest of the list). That is why we offer a vegetarian menu and introduce items from our garden, providing the fullness of seed-to-table plant life into our bodies for growth and development.

Nutrition also powers your spiritual life. In John 6:36, Jesus states, “I am the Bread of Life. The person who aligns with me hungers no more and thirsts no more, ever.” Our school prayer, The Lord’s Prayer, echoes this refrain “give us this day our daily bread.”

Over the weekend, members of our 4-H club participated in the Osceola County Poultry Show, and here are a few highlights!

  • Coco, our Salmon Faverolle, shown by Lilia Berrada, took first place, 'Best of Breed', and 'Champion Continental Breed'
  • Pixie, another one of our Salmon Faverolles, was shown by Liliana Solano and won first place blue ribbon
  • Our eggs won 'Best Brown' eggs
  • Merry, our Australorp, recieved second place red ribbon

Liliana (7th) and Lilia (5th), Animal Ambassadors, also created their own club to introduce our chickens to our Pre-kindergarten classes. Thank you for extending our Farm & Garden program and growing our school in excellence!

So this week let us fill our lives with God’s love and continue to live with Gratitude, Vitamin G, as we give thanks by paying it forward.

In His Grace,

Derek Cummings
Head of School

Derek Cummings

Written By: Derek Cummings

Spend a few minutes with Derek and you will know that he is passionate about education. Not just any education, but one that is founded in Christ. That is why he counts it a privilege to lead Creation Development Foundation in developing and funding educational projects which provide whole child health. His vision is to provide children with a healthy foundation from which they can pursue their dreams with the hope that one day these amazing little ones will become Christ-like leaders who strengthen their families and communities. Derek was blessed to serve in the technology and communications field where he gained valuable experience managing operations, delivering solutions, and creating new businesses. The opportunity to combine his experience and his passion into the same pursuit was a God sent blessing and that is what he wants to pass on to each child the Foundation serves.